Fears in today’s society have been embraced like never before.  Fear the stock market.  Fear the housing market.  Fear the unknown.  Fear going to college.  Fear not going to college.  Fear creating a business.  Fear becoming an actor.  Fear going into the film industry.  Fear marriage.

It’s natural to have fears, but instead of embracing fears as a way to keep us safe, we should point them out and say, “No, don’t listen to that voice!  That’s fear!”  It’s like the unhealthy person who is afraid to sprain an ankle, so he won’t work out.  You’re dooming yourself with certainty to a state less than where you want to be.  You’re betting against yourself, and you’re causing yourself to lose every time.  Instead of losing every time, why not allow yourself to aim higher, win sometimes and never settle?

One really big reason for fear is a lack of faith.  We listen to all of the negative news in the world, and then decide not to listen to what God tells us to do.  If he puts a dream or a desire in us, wouldn’t it be better to listen to it instead of spending our lives trying to squelch that voice inside of us that tells us we can do more?

Some of us have unrealized potential, debilitating stress and some compulsive bad habits just because we listen to fear instead of to God and faith. Sometimes, in order to kill that desire for more in ourselves, we lie to ourselves and say we’re content with less than what we can do.  We’re content with the safe life pursuing safe dreams and safe goals.  There is nothing wrong with safe dreams and safe goals if they push and drive us.  The problem comes when we walk around without goals, without passion, without desire of any sort.

In what ways are you betting against yourself?  In what ways have you chosen fear over faith?  What is one thing you can do to step out in faith instead of letting fear rule your life today?


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