Scouting Locations

wing chun Application-Wing-Chun

This week, we’ve been scouting locations for From the Shadows. It’s an exciting process to see the places where this film will come to life. When we walk into a place, we can’t see it just as it is. We have to see it as it will be. We have to see its promise. The movie may be in our heads and hearts now, but that’s how it comes to reality.

There are some people whose feet are too firmly planted on the earth. They live in the present. These are the people who will get it done if it is the same task they did yesterday. They are highly efficient and may be fantastic at what they do, but new ideas, new innovations, new dreams aren’t their thing. You see, these people don’t believe in anything they can’t see.

Then there are people who are always remembering the good old days. They live in the past. The past for them has that golden hue in which only the good things are remembered. They peaked in high school when they were the star athlete and had straight A’s. Their past achievements are their best achievements. It’s hard for them to live in the present our imagine a better time than the past in which some golden childhood dream replays constantly.

Some days I’m stuck in one of these two categories. Instead, I want to be firmly planted in the future. I want to keep working toward this future place – this future promise that God has prepared for me. If God promised it, it’s as good as real. The best is yet to come! So whether you’re scouting locations imagining what is there or creatively solving problems at work or at home, know and feel that God is with you working things out for you. That doesn’t mean that life will be perfect. It means that you have a future waiting for you.

How about you? Are you stuck in the busyness of the present? Are you stuck looking at the past? Or are you seeing the future and making it happen?


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