Do It Now


Every day, my list of things to do grows just a little longer.  It’s a good thing that I put things on my list so I don’t have to remember them in my head.  However, sometime tasks never seem to get done.  If you can relate, I’ll tell you what I did to combat this.

1.  Include the address

I started adding the address of places I needed to go into my Google calendar, and miraculously, this made me dread running errands so much less.  It cut down one step, and I’ve been much more successful going places, not to mention getting there on time.

2. Prepare for the activity

I realize that some activities have multiple steps.  One of the steps might be looking up a phone number or gathering documents to go to the DMV.  If I write “get new license” on my to do list, I just never get around to it.  Instead, I broke this one up into 3 tasks: a) look up requirements b) pack up required documents in a folder & schedule location/time on calendar, c) go to DMV.

3.  Sleep in my clothes

This is a trick for working out.  Somehow, if I sleep in my work out clothes, I’m more likely to work out in the morning.

4. Prioritize

If I do the most impactful things first, at least I got the most important things done.  I might not be able to get through my whole list, but do things in order of importance.  Sometimes after doing the most important item on the list, I realize that the other items aren’t important, and then I can cross them off by not doing them.

5.  If it takes very little time, and I have it, I just do it now.  For instance, send out an email.  Do it now.  Sometimes being hurried makes me get done more quickly, and the email is nearly as good.  Why work for twice as long for something that isn’t twice as good?

How about you?  What are your do it now tricks?


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