Creative Triggers

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This weekend, I was at Six Flags when I suddenly felt creative.  I was by the Batman ride, and the theme music came on, and my imagination went wild.  I wanted to start writing immediately.

Movies, music and art can definitely trigger creativity for artists.  They can also provide distraction, like hours of mindless Facebooking or procrastination.  They key is knowing if you’re resting, triggering creativity or procrastinating.  It’s also important to know what your creativity triggers are because this is how you get things done.  It’s how you create worlds in your mind and then bring them to paper.

This isn’t just for art.  Art is a beautiful mirror for the real world.  It tells us truths about what’s around us in a more simplistic way.  Sometimes we don’t notice the superhero in ourselves until we see a film about it.  Sometimes we don’t see the beauty in daily life until we see artwork.  Creativity triggers can also trigger solutions in other fields and in personal relationships. In that moment, we are lifted of the ground to a higher plane.  We’re flying with the birds, sitting on a mountain top or gazing at the earth from on top of a satellite orbiting the earth.  We’re in a new and different place, and we see things from God’s perspective.  We’re at peace.

What we’re realizing here at Skyrunner Productions is that the worlds we create in our minds come to fruition.  We have to see it first in order to work toward it.  We have to see it first in order to make it happen.  And once we see it, we can act upon it.  Art helps us with seeing first.  Without this outlet, we’re often stuck on the ground, wondering how we’re going to get our feet out of the mud.

I think that science has a similar effect.  Science is like magic except real.  You can make things that you never thought possible using science.  New technology is amazing.  But lots of science was first inspired by art.  Think Twenty Thousnad Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.  It was published in 1870 when none of the underwater exploration was possible.  And it was created first by art and then by science.  This underwater exploration then inspired space exploration.  And much of the technology for space looks just like it did when artists first thought it up in their minds.

So what are you seeing in your life today?  What are your creative triggers which can help you see and then create your goals and dreams for now and the future?


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