Clear Mind

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It’s said that authors write about whatever they need to learn.  This is so true.  Today, let’s talk about having a clear mind and my to-do list.  Sometimes, I have a million things to do.  It’s hard to have a clear mind.  So here are some organization methods that I’ve been implementing (and trying to implement) which are helping me have a clear mind and to perform at a high level. My first and favorite method is Google Calendar.  I have an Android phone, and so this calendar syncs perfectly with the phone.  I can have reminders emailed to me and notifications pop up on the phone.  It’s like having a personal assistant all the time.  I know where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing.  Awesomely, my business partner = fiance can also be on the same page because he can check my calendar at any time.  I don’t just put meetings on there.  I put appointments with myself to do certain work so I know what I’m supposed to be working on, and when I’m not working on it, I don’t have to worry.  My calendar will remind me when the time comes. Going along with my favorite Google (which, by the way, knows too much about me), I love Google Keep.  I can keep lists on there, and the lists are accessible online and on my phone.  I’ve been to the grocery store way too many times and forgotten to get the one item I absolutely needed, so this wonderful device is keeping me on track.  It also stores a list of books I want to read, should I ever need to buy a book or kill time. My lab also implements Feng Office which keeps a list of tasks and their due dates.  It’s not my favorite method, but it’s nice to have a list that my adviser and I can be on the same page. I’ve found that I get more done by being organized.  That I worry less even if my list of things to do is high because I know my system will ensure that I do something. Other things I do is delegate or hire someone if I know this task will be better done by someone else.  And, if a task is not worth doing, I just don’t do it.  I used to feel guilty for this because usually the task would stay in my head somewhere, and I’d think, “I need to do this someday! I should do this!”  But now, I just don’t do it because no one can do everything, and I would rather get 10 important things done than 50 unimportant things. How about you?  How do you organize yourself?  How do you leave your mind open for creativity and more important things than your to-do list?  How do you sync with your significant other/boss/BFF?


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