The Team


Have you ever stopped to think of who is on your team?  Today I’ve been thinking about the people on my team.  I am doing a mental draft so I can choose who is a positive influence on me and who isn’t.  This isn’t the same as people who happen to be in my life.  It’s the people who cheer me on and encourage me.  It’s the people who want the best for me.  My fiancé is one of those people who always wants the best for me.  If he sends me a text, it’s usually to encourage me.  I know that he always means the best.  My sister is another person who’s on the home team.  She always wants the best for me, and I can show her my unfiltered self and know that she loves me.

I have co-workers on my work team who help me accomplish more than I could if I worked in an office alone.  I have friends who are on my home team emotionally and who physically make me get in shape by scheduling early morning runs.  Sometimes I can define who’s on my team by identifying who isn’t on my team.  I have a few friends who are gossipy.  These are friends still, but they’re not on the home team.  And I have other people who help me go along as long as I’m useful, but I have to filter out what they say for the useful things.  I can’t just accept what they say as true because it could be discouraging.  And I don’t have time for discouragement.

So today, I’m focusing on the team.  I’m focusing on the people who encourage me and help me get my goals.  How about you?  Who is on your team?


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