Preproduction Attitude

Silencing-an-assassins-gungun and clips

Hi from Skyrunner Productions. We’re in pre-production, and I wanted to update about some of the work we’ve been doing.

Preproduction is the least glamorous phase of movie making. Production is hard, but there is energy and action. You see the progress, and you are surrounded by support. You almost have your movie. Your story is nearly told.

Preproduction is like you’re running drills in the off-season. You’re not appreciated because it’s not yet your time, and you’re not enjoying air time on the big screen. You’re just working hard with a small team far, far away from applause.

Some of our recent preproduction work includes putting together a team, marketing to investors, practicing acting and hitting the gym. (No one wants to see an assassin who is in good shape but not camera shape. Plus, I’ve got to make sure I take everyone down in the fight scenes!) The other less glorious component is just working to fund the film through my other business ventures.

Sometimes it’s tempting to sleep during the off season like adding vacation pounds. Instead, I’m sweating now so I’ll be ready. Ready for production, ready for action, ready for applause.

How about you? What are you working toward with little current reward?


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