The Dream Cloud


Have you ever sat in a place where your dreams came true, and you never wanted to leave it?  I have been on the track team in my high school and college, and I didn’t want to leave because my dreams came true on the track. The high of a fulfilled dream is so thrilling that I just don’t want to go out and fight for another thing.

My pastor back home often says, “You can’t get to second base without leaving first.”  Which, I think, means you can’t accomplish the next great thing without leaving the comfort of your already-accomplished goals.  It also means, don’t hold too tightly to the past and to your successes, because you could be called out.  But the fact is that if you stay on first base, you will be out.  You must move on to second base.  You can’t rest on first base.  You can’t rest on what you accomplished in high school or college.

You have to keep learning and evolving.  You have to keep working toward the next big thing.

How about you?  What are your past accomplishments that you’re so proud of?  What are your next big goals?  What are the next action steps you need to take to accomplish your next big goals?


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