Working for Yourself


In the last blog post, we talked about how Alex is quitting his job as an assassin which means his old boss no longer calls the shots.  Now, he’s on his own, making decisions that are self-motivated.  There’s something unique about being self-motivated.  When you’re working for someone else, you feel a heavy weight like, even if the job is your dream job, you’re being forced into it. Working for yourself is different.  You have a new drive, a new need to make it – because this is your goal, your desire, and, let’s face it, your lights need to be on.  At Skyrunner Productions, we work for ourselves, at least in spirit.  One of us runs his own business.  The other one of us works for the man and has a side business.  But here’s the thing – not matter who you technically work for, you should always be working for yourself. Here’s how I work for myself.  Number 1, I recognize that my career is self-driven.  I may currently, legally work for an employer, but the skills and capabilities that I develop are all mine.  I may spend years working for a boss, but I will spend my whole life working for me.  Number 2, I value my craft and skills knowing that work now will be worth more later.  Work pays dividends, and careers are exponential.  Think about the work you did learning a skill.  If you went to school, then you worked hard at school, and your time wasn’t worth much.  But the time and effort you put into developing your skills has (hopefully) paid off to make your skills worth more now.  So the time you waste, the time you think “my boss isn’t watching,” is time you’re not investing in your number 1 asset after God: you. Now, it’s your turn.  Who do you work for on the books?  Who do you really work for?  How can you make your skills and assets grow exponentially?  How do you think Alex’s change in employment will change his actions?


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