On Set with Hollywood

For the past few weeks, we’ve been working on set which means we’re pretty stoked and tired.  Of course, the movie we’re on set for is an action film that we’ll be seeing open night!  Here’s what life is like on set: 1) Drive out to the middle of no where 2) See celebrities 3) Nicely chase away onlookers who wants to be in the way of stunts or to hug and/or kiss celebrities 4) Run around all day helping with anything and everything.  Anything and everything has, so far, included helping extras find their places, helping onlookers find their not-places, directing the flow of things and running errands.  Everyone has to start somewhere.

Our goal with being on-set is to see how it’s done.  Of course, in Indy films it’s different for us.  We don’t have an $80 million budget, and we don’t spend money catering food like it’s the end of the world.  Instead, we’re more like grad students eat pizza and just trying to scrape by and make a truly epic film.  Last time, we talked about working for yourself, and this applies here.

While some people are dragging their feet to work and showing up late, I’m excited to be here because I know this is building my skill set, helping me make connections and getting me where I want to go.  I’m working for me.  I’m noticing how stunts are done, how extras are moved and how big celebrities work.  I’m building my resume.  I’m also noticing that much of Hollywood is moving to my city which is promising.  It shows I’m in the right spot at the right time for movies.  I’m also humbled thinking that everyone starts somewhere.

Now it’s your turn.  When have you worked a job that other people didn’t appreciate but that you knew was building your skills?  How about vice versa – did you ever work a job and wished you had looked at it from a different angle and taken better advantage of what you could have learned?


5 thoughts on “On Set with Hollywood

  1. Conphidance says:

    For me, not a job but my University. I wish I knew about more resources, scholarships, and opportunities at my University. I feel I could have explored them. Ask and You shall receive. I only worked with what I saw or knee about.


  2. I really admire that approach, I mean I would have been like you, super excited to be on set, even if my only responsibility was to make the tea/coffee, I would just absorb everything that was happening around me! I recently worked 15 months in a marketing job, not because it was a career choice but because it was a stepping stone, it was something that I needed to know more about.

    Similarly, after studying film for 4 years and obtaining the grades to move on to University, as I was advised to, I decided that I would instead take on a Diploma at college, so that I could study Film, Television and Soundtrack PRODUCTION since it hadn’t been a major part of my classes previously. I wanted to know as much as I could, then I moved on to Uni!

    P.S. Love the clips!


      • I’m working as a journalist for the time being, which is fulfilling the media part of my studies, if I could get to write about or for the film industry one day that would be great. I suppose that was one of the motivators behind setting up an additional film blog (small steps). On a personal level… I collect, watch, analyse, write and make films; a lot of my life is evolved around it. I made a David Lynch inspired short film, it won an award and was screened for a short-time in a local cinema, that was exciting… not as big as you guys but an accomplishment nonetheless (I think)! 😀


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