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“From The Shadows”

Welcome to Skyrunner Production’s blog!  Here, we’ll be talking about our current projects, posting videos and letting you in on what’s going on at Skyrunner Productions!  We’ll also be giving you teasers on upcoming videos, inspirational stories and creative thoughts.  Let’s begin!

Have you ever watched a DVD and seen the alternate ending?  It’s often shocking, and you think, “Why would the character choose that life?” or, “What a different life he could’ve had!”  Have you ever seen the childhood “Choose Your Own Adventure” gamebook?  As a kid, you can choose what happens to the character.  Now that we’re grown-ups in real life, do you ever wish you could watch the end of the DVD and choose your own life, your own happy ending, your own action-packed adventure?

Amazingly, you kind of can.  Here at Skyrunner Productions, we spend our mornings visualizing our successes.  We’ve heard it said that with every decision, you should follow it downstream and see where it leads.  Once you jump in the river, you’re going with it!  When you visualize success, you tend to accomplish it because your mind tends to complete what it sees.

In our next film Alex, a top-of-the-line assassin, wants to get out of his field.  He made this career decision years ago.  We don’t know his motivations (yet).  Maybe he was young and wanted adventure, maybe he thought what he was doing was right, maybe he wanted the money, and maybe he didn’t have any other motivations in life and found a skill he was good at.  Let’s see what happens as he tries to jump out of this decision and into another adventure!

How about you?  Do you follow your decisions downstream?  Do you regret a decision you made years ago and are now trying to correct it?  Do you (will you) use visualization to accomplish your dreams and aspirations?


3 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. Hey, I found your blog from Twitter (@xGIRLinGLASSESx) and think that what you’re doing is really exciting. I’m a huge film nerd and have studied theory/production for 9 years! I have 2 blogs but maybe the film one will be of interest to you? I’ve only recently set that up:

    Looking forward to following your adventures!


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