Plan A


Today, I’m working on my plan A.  Recently, I was filming at a magazine launch in which a former mayor of Washington DC, Marion Barry, was the guest speaker.  He said something along the lines of, “Don’t make a plan B.  That’s just giving up on your plan A.  If plan A doesn’t work out, then make a new plan A.”  We love that.  Of course, we’re planning for the future, but we’re always working on our highest goals, our reach plans, our biggest possible accomplishments.

So today I’m working on plan A.  I’m writing, promoting, and working on this movie.  In Proverbs 16:9, it says, “We make our own plans, but the Lord decides where we will go (CEV).”  I think some people mistake this verse to mean, “Whatever happens, happens.”  And, “don’t make plans because you don’t know what will happen.”  I take a different view.  I think it means that when we’re in the will of God, then he’ll direct our paths and plant dreams in us.  Then, we need to work on those dreams, and God will make them happen if he placed them in us.

How about you?  What’s your plan A?  What are you doing to make it happen?


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